High Level Internal Vacuum Cleaning  

The GutterVac was developed off the back of our first High Level Vacuum Cleaning System which we built in 2001.

The Omni-Vac High level Vac was designed and  built to enable an allied cleaning business Ph Cleaning Services, to carry out the cleaning of litter, dust and general debris from the very high level  ledges and beams on London Underground Stations.

The success of the London Underground project prompted us to invest in  research and development of  the GutterVac Gutter Cleaning System together with  a range of accessories to tackle most high level vacuum cleaning tasks. 

A wide variety of Contractors and in house maintenance departments of large organisations have solved their High Level cleaning problems

To meet demand we offer a full range of Anti- Static equipment  as well as the choice of Conductive or Anodized Aerospace Alloy or lightweight  Carbon Fibre suction tubes.

Internal Suction tubes and Vacuum hoses are available in a choice of  38mm or 50mm I D in both standard or Anti-static varieties.

As well as a range of free standing tub vacs we also offer  backpack vac option for narrow aisles.