GutterVac Gutter Cleaning Machines 

How the GutterVac has Developed since 2001 and Why it is the World leading Gutter Cleaning System

The GutterVac Gutter Cleaning Machine has organically developed from its inception in 2001 through  hundreds of hours of R & D.

A 100mm drum  inlet is fitted as standard to help prevent time consuming blockages.
15 metre length of  50mm lightweight non kink  hoses is standard with the GutterVac 4200. 
The extra length hose gives a working width of 30 metres again saving on time consuming movement of the GutterVac power unit. 
The need to  unravel kinked vacuum hose is virtually eradicated . Supplied as standard are two 135 degree polished alloy suction head one which is tapered to fit into narrow tile overhangs.
The 135 degree suction heads were designed to have a long "leg" to enable it to be placed deep into down pipes sucking the debris that often accumulates in this area of guttering.
GutterVac's aerospace alloy suction tubes were selected following extensive trials as they are the most robust in strength for weight ratio. We expect the aerospace ally tubes to have a useful life of at least five years, many customers are still using the same tubes 10 years after purchase.
Choice when investing in machinery is essential and through  demand for a slightly lighter option we have now added the option of carbon fibre suction tubes to the GutterVac range.. 
A full range of Anti static tubes and component parts is also available
 it is  easy and safe to  thoroughly clean both commercial and domestic gutters.

The GutterVac 4200 is as far as we are aware one of the most powerful  standard voltage vacuum cleaner in the world, certainly the most powerful 110 or 230 volt vac in the UK.


Virtually no downtime with the GutterVac

The pictures of the  GutterVac 4200  below clearly shows the "oversize" 100mm (4" ) hose inlet which greatly reduces the chance of  debris getting trapped.

Trapped debris is prone to occur  at the vacuum body inlet, both  frustrating and time consuming this problem is virtually eradicated in GutterVacs.

GutterVac front view
GutterVac side view

GutterVac Aerospace Alloy and Carbon Fibre Suction Tubes

Left :-The GutterVac semi modular suction tube with 135 degree head is constructed from lightweight aerospace alloy. The quick twist clamps  lock the suction head and tubes in place.

Right :- The GutterVac modular tubes are constructed from carbon fibre, the 135 degree alloy suction head is held securely in place by a 4 ply reinforced silicon sleeve.

GutterVac Aerospace alloy suction tube

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GutterVac carbon fibre suction tube